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Acquire A Franchise

Acquiring A Franchise

A franchise relationship is a long-term commitment. Before acquiring a franchise, one needs to be sure that they are engaging with the best. In order to get as close to this as possible, we offer the following services to individuals and businesses seeking to acquire local or foreign franchises:

  • 1) Franchise search and selection advisory-we have a data bank of numerous brands (in a variety of sectors) seeking partners in the region.
  • 2) Business registration- putting into place the vehicle that will run the franchise.
  • 3) Strategic franchising business plans (regional, national and territorial).
  • 4) Territorial market research- which territory in the franchisor's territories should you invest in.
  • 5) Territorial business plan- planning how to operate in your chosen territory.
  • 6) Link-up with franchising-friendly financiers- not all financiers understand franchising.
  • 7) Interpretation of key franchising documents- they are many and written in legal language- know what each means for you.
  • 8) Development of staff training plans- how will you uphold the franchisor's standards?.
  • 9) Development of and roll out of territorial marketing plan- you manage marketing in your territory, the franchisor manages marketing at the national.
  • 9) Staff recruitment and selection- selecting the correct teams for success.
  • 10) Staff training -building the correct teams for success.
  • 11) Dispute arbitration with franchisor- when things go wrong, in the absence of a franchise association, we offer mediation services! .


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