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Franchise Development

Franchise System Development

Franchising is a relatively new business concept in East Africa, with many businesses having the potential to grow through franchising but not able to quite know where to start. At Worldahead, we hand-hold businesses through the A-Z of becoming a franchisor, particularly by aligning their operations to the internationally acceptable requirements of the franchising system as follows:

  • 1) Franchising decision & meeting franchise-ability criteria- is franchising for you really?
  • 2) Trademarks and patents registration- have you protected your intellectual property?
  • 3) Brand valuation- how much is your brand worth- hence, how much should franchisees pay to use it?
  • 4) Prototyping- systemization and standardization- do you have documented systems.
  • 5) Strategic franchising market research- are market indicators right for you to franchise in your chosen markets?
  • 6) Strategic franchising business plans: how will you roll out the franchise network?
  • 7) Link-up with franchising system financiers- not all financiers understand needs of franchisors.
  • 8) Preparation of key franchising documents: they are many, they need to be prepared professionally to ensure maximum brand protection and returns.
  • 9) Development of franchisee training plans: how will you on-board your franchisees.
  • 10) Development of franchise marketing plan: how will you handle marketing.
  • 11) Franchisee recruitment and selection: what is the profile of your prospective franchisees and how do you get them?
  • 12) Development of key skills at head office-TOT- ho will you support your franchisees?
  • 13) Development & roll out of national and area marketing plans: how do you handle national and territorial marketing?
  • 14) Transactional analysis of franchise roll-out plan- audit your operations- is everything rolling out as planned?


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