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International Brands

International Brands

International Brands seeking to franchise in Africa sometime do not know where to start. We offer the following services to ease their entry:

  • 1) Trademarks and patents registration.
  • 2) Strategic franchising market research.
  • 3) Strategic franchising business plans (regional, national and territorial).
  • 4) Preparation of key franchising documents.
  • 5) Master Franchisee or Area Developer recruitment and selection, including due diligence and background checks.
  • 6) Development/localization and execution of franchisee training plans.
  • 7) Development of regional and national supply chains that meet your brand's international franchise standards.
  • 8) Development/localization of franchise marketing plans.
  • 9) Office set up where such is required.
  • 9) Development of key skills at regional or Master Franchisee office-Staff Training, TOT .
  • 10) Development & roll out of national and area marketing plans.
  • 11)Link-up system franchisees with franchise system financiers.


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