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Private Sector Portfolio

Our Private Sector Portfolio

Over the years we have worked and continue to work with various companies and organization in Tanzania Private sector, to deliver them our services and adding value to their operations. Here are some of of our clients:

  • AAR Health Services Ltd- Team Building and Effective Communication retreat, Business Writing Skills, Strategic Planning Retreat, culture change program
  • Africa Online- Effective Customer Service, Key Account Management.
  • African Banking Corporation- Business Focus, Culture and Image Building Retreat.
  • Akiba Commercial Bank- Time management skills
  • Astra Insurance Brokers (Tanzania) Ltd- Delivered a culture building and customer care program aimed at transforming the company into the modern customer- focused institution. Team Building and Customer Service Tips Retreat, Corporate Culture and Customer Excellence retreat
  • Barclays Bank Tanzania- Team Building for all staff in Service Delivery Department.
  • BP Tanzania:- Account Prospecting, Communication and Presentation Skills Program
  • Coca Cola Kwanza Ltd- Effective Customer service for the Finance department, Team Building for finance department.
  • CDE capacity building program in the road sector)- Entrepreneurship training for selected local road contractors- in partnership with Bernard Krief Consulting, funded by the Centre for Development Enterprise (CDE)
  • Citibank- Team building and mentoring retreat.
  • Dar es Salaam Community Bank Ltd- Credit and Risk Management Program for all marketing and loan officers prior to opening of the lending operations, Business focus and culture building program for all staff prior to opening.
  • Dar Es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority (DAWASA)- Strategic Planning, Technical Report Writing, Communication and Presentation Skills, Project Planning, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Davis and Shirtliff- Business Focus Forum
  • DHL Tanzania- Team Building and Effective Communication, Basic Selling Skills
  • Diamond Trust Bank (DTB)-Marketing and Selling of Financial Services
  • Exim Bank Ltd- Business Writing Skills
  • FedEx Tanzania:- UNDER AMSCO -Business focus, Culture building, Effective Customer Service.
  • Finca Tanzania- Technical Report Writing, Supervisory Skills Enhancement
  • International Trachoma Institute- Procurement management and stores control
  • Kabanga Nickel: Supervisory Skills Training, Head Hunting
  • Lion of Tanzania Insurance co. Limited: intensive Customer Care Program.
  • MIC Tanzania Ltd (TIGO)- team building for all call center staff
  • National Bank of Commerce Ltd. Team building, Communication and Motivation retreat.
  • National Bureau De Change- Effective Customer Service
  • National Micro Finance Bank- Technical report writing program for all managers (prior to privatization).
  • National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGRP)- Highlights of NSGRP, Change Management and Review of Poverty Analysis Training Modules.
  • Niko Insurance Tanzania Ltd: Training Needs Assessment, Culture Building and Motivation, Effective Customer Service.
  • Parastatal Pensions Fund (PPF)- Effective Customer Service, Supervisory Skills enhancement, Performance Management Framework,
  • Pathfinder International: Technical Report Writing
  • Population Services International (PSI)- Team building retreat
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers- Team building retreat
  • Reckitt Benckiser- Sales training for the sales team, Head Hunting
  • Real /Royal Insurance (T) Ltd- Effective Customer Service skills, Strategic Planning and Team Building Retreat
  • Southern Africa Extension Unit (SAEU)- Technical Report Writing, Communication and Presentation Skills, Change Management.
  • Standard Chartered Bank- Team Building and Effective Communication Retreats, Self- Management Skills.
  • Tanga Cement Company Ltd:- Customer Service Orientation for distributors and regional managers, Effective Customer Service, Basic Selling Skills
  • Tanzania Cigarette Company Ltd (TCC)- Project Planning and Management, Branch Accounting Procedures based on TCC Finance Manual, Store Keeping and Warehouse Management, Presentation Skills
  • Tanzania Investment Bank (TIB)- Business Writing Skills
  • Tanzania Tourist Board- Board of Directors Retreat
  • Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority- Procurement management and stores control, The Business Secretary.
  • Tanzindia Assurance Company Ltd: Effective Customer Service Program, Culture Building, Team Building program
  • Tiscan (Cotecna): Supervisory Skills Enhancement
  • Total Tanzania- The Business Secretary
  • UNDP- Vision, Communication and Knowledge Management Staff Retreat
  • UNFPA- team building retreat 2012
  • UNHCR- team building staff retreat, Information sharing sessions under the National Strategy for Community Integration Program (NaSCIP)
  • Usaid-SEEGAAD Project- Project management
  • Vodacom Tanzania- Delivered 12 modules in Vodacom’s Management Development Program, Team building for call center staff.
  • World Bank Tanzania and Uganda: Facilitated Team Building, Communication and Motivation retreat for all staff in both country offices to enhance interpersonal skills and knowledge sharing.


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