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Wambugu Wa Gichohi

Profile:Wambugu Wa Gichohi | Principal Franchise Systems Architect

Wambugu is the Principal Franchise Development Consultant with valuable all-round professional experience gained over 25 years providing Business Development Services, Leadership Training, Research and Credit functions in various organizations

Wambugu is among very few fully trained franchise development consultants in East Africa with expertise to support businesses wishing to franchise their brands, to acquire franchises or to settle their brands in East Africa. In 2011and 2012, Wambugu was among a small group of participants in Franchise Development training workshops rolled out across Africa by leading South African Franchise Consultants, Moyanga Louw & Associates under a grant from the African Development Bank. Arising from this, Wambugu singled out franchising as the next big thing for SMEs in East Africa, set out to expand his knowledge in the area and together with a few other workshop participants spearheaded the formation of the Franchise Association of Tanzania (FATA) aimed at providing a center point for all franchising activities in Tanzania.

At a professional level, Wambugu has since been on a franchising mentor-ship under Mr. Peter Moyanga, the Principal Officer at Moyanga Louw & Associates, a program that has enabled him expand his knowledge and practice of franchising -(Mr. Moyanga is a South African national credited with planning and managing McDonald’s entry into South Africa in 1995 and after leaving McDonalds in 2003 he now runs a chain of McDonald’s outlets in South Africa and is available for consultancy projects Wambugu may be involved in that require his input). As a businessman involved in other profitable ventures, Wambugu is also under a coaching program in business process systemization which is the backbone of all franchising activity and has also expanded his knowledge in franchising through extensive research and presentations on the subject.

In order to popularize franchising among indigenous businesses, Wambugu has partnered with the apex private sector bodies in East Africa, particularly KEPSA and TPSF to carry out a number of activities which include franchising seminars, conferences and exhibitions. He has also partnered with The EastAfrican to publish a quarterly franchising pull out, the first of which was published on 05/12/2015 (attached). Wambugu has also discussed franchising on three national TV channels in Kenya and has conceived a comprehensive project to develop a vibrant franchising sector in East Africa which is under consideration for funding.

Wambugu has presented on franchising to various stakeholders including Tanzania Top 100 Companies contestants in 2014, The Hindu Business Forum-Tanzania, Jaffer International Business Association-Tanzania and The Kenya Association of Women Business Owners and others, including bank SME Clubs in Kenya and Tanzania. He has compiled comprehensive answers to a list of frequently asked questions for use by businesses considering franchising as a growth option and by individuals and businesses seeking to acquire franchises. He has also written many articles on franchising, in local newspapers. He is currently involved in preparing some businesses in Tanzania and Kenya to franchise and has ongoing discussions with many more in East Africa to engage towards the same. He is a focal point for a number of international brands wishing to introduce their franchises in East Africa.

Prior to this Wambugu was involved in numerous business development consultancies for leading corporates, SMEs and organizations such as the World Bank, UNIDO, UNHCR and UNDP. He has also carried out leadership and change management training for many organizations and governments across East Africa since 2001. He is an Education graduate in Economics and Business Studies from Kenyatta University (Kenya), a qualified (but not practicing) Certified Public Secretary in Kenya, a holder of a Post-Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and has attended numerous short courses.

He is a low-handicap golfer and a marathoner.

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